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Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B Active Noise-Cancelling Closed-Back Headphones

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QuietPoint Active Noise Canceling Headphones will allow you to finally enjoy long air plain flights or noisy environments. This pair of headphones are compact and lightweight. They have the ability to reduce background noise up to eighty five percent, which will greatly increase your sound quality. Over the years audio-Technica has become a worldwide producer of electro-acoustic headphones. These headsets are perfect for air plane entertainment, ipods, and cd players. The ear cups in their headsets are made with a new design that offers better comfort, and over the ear fitting.  The  QuietPoint headsets offer large-aperture forty millimeter drivers with special neodymium magnets and a one hundred nine dB volume level sensitivity. These headphones can work even if the noise cancellation function is off. If that function is turned off, then it will operate in a passive setting without batteries. Each earpiece has noise-canceling electronics built into it, and it eliminates all need for external modules.

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5 Responses to “Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B Active Noise-Cancelling Closed-Back Headphones”

  1. Daniel Golden says:

    Somehow I neglected to read the negative reviews before purchasing this item from Amazon. I decided to return these headphones about 20 minutes after taking them out of the package.

    High points: audio quality is extremely good (though I am not an audiophile), and noise canceling is very effective. I have never previously owned a pair of noise-canceling headphones, so I had nothing with which to compare. The included hard case and accessories are top-notch.

    Low points: the thin headphone band hurt the top of my head somewhat, probably because the headphones were very heavy (presumably the case with any noise-canceling headphones).

    The deal breaker: the incredible sound leakage, as mentioned on the other negative reviews. This is a major design flaw with the headphones. Music I was listening to at a reasonable volume was clearly audible – lyrics and all – across the room. You simply can’t use these things in a public place… so what’s the point of having them?

  2. confused says:

    Just got these delivered today and was excited to give them a listen. The only problem is that they are too small – even with the cups fully extended. I can fit my ears fully in the cups, but the top band pushes down hard on my head. This wasn’t an issue with other headphones I’ve tried. Unfortunately, these need to go back.

  3. jimmay5469 says:

    These headphones are fantastic, some of the best money I have ever spent. Almost as good as the Bose ones, but who want’s to spend 300 on headphones anyways, not me! It was hard enough to justify $120, but once I heard these things it was all worth it. I use these daily at work because I sit under the air duct, works perfect. I can hear things I’ve never heard before and at much lower volume. When I take these headphones off I am impressed that I had been listening to music at a lower volume than the loudness of the office noises around me! I have also used these in cars, planes, etc. and they never fail to impress me.

  4. Aiden says:

    After a lot of research, I found these Audio Technica headphones, and they are just great. I have had lots of different headphones but none compare to these.

    The noise canelling quality is good, probably not as good as Bose, but why waste 300 bucks? For the money, the quality is great. It quiets all ambient noises, and just softens everything. Though, it doesnt mute talking to much, but it’s ok. I bought these because I wanted to save myself from going deaf. I am on the MTA pretty much everyday, but to listen to your music well will make your boost up the volume. So I searched for the right noise cancelling head phones, and came across these. Lets just say before I got these, I had to listen to music more than three quarters full on my iPod and now I listen to it less than one quarter.

    The sound quality is still great, but if you turn off the noise cancelling then the music gets a bit muffled.

    For the money, and quality, I recommend these headphones 100 percent. They also come with a perdy case with usefull things like a longer cable, a quarter inch adapter, and an airplane jack.

    - Aiden

  5. Benjamin Wilber says:

    I have been using headphones on a regular basis for approximately 15 years. I tend to lean towards Sony, as almost all of the headphones that I’ve had that lasted me longer than the span of several months have been Sony’s. But when my previous pair of headphones went (only getting sound to 1 side) I started to, once again, research for the latest and greatest headphones in the $99-150 range which is where I’ve had the most success. I couldn’t find much for Sony that looked any good since they seem to be excessively cheapening their products, something that I’ve also seen in Bose, so I thought I would give these headphones a try.

    The first thing I noticed about these headphones is that the feel to them is really constricting. The head band was so tight against my head and especially my ears I simply counldn’t stand it. The ears cups were also too small for my ears to fit into them which resulted in the cups pressing my ears against my head which really hurt after just minutes and was unbearable not long after. And then worst part of all was how they sounded. I tried to correct the sound through using the equalizer but to no avail. When I would reduce or increase certain bandwidths it just never sounded right. With my ipod, though, I was stuck with whatever sound it would make. At best it would sound like it was a mono version, at worst it sounded squacky. Other reviewers said that there were things added to or way over amplified that the average person would never hear under normal circumstances, and they were right.

    I sent these back to Beach Audio and they reimbursed me without hassle, except for a 10% restocking. I didn’t like that much but at least I got most of my money back. I have since bought a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 pro’s and I am much happier with them. If you don’t mind losing a little bass then I would suggest a decent pair of Sennheisers.

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