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Audio-Technica ATHANC7 Noise-cancelling Headphones

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Audio-Technica’s  ATH-ANC7 made by QuietPoint is an extremely lightweight and durable pair of headphones. They are perfect for DVD, MP3s, CDs, and air plane entertainment systems. The ATHANC7 headphones have a built in ANC circuitry which can effectively reduce all types of background noise. They have the capability to effectively reduce eighty five percent of the noise. Active noise reduction can reduce around twenty dB of noise and there is a forty millimeter driver with a neodymium magnet system built into each earpiece.  They help give the listener superior quality audio for a significantly deeper bass, higher fidelity, and an extended treble. QuietPoint headphones have the ability to fold flat which allows for easier transportation. This offer also includes a detachable cable, (which should be removed for noise-canceling functions without audio) a  three and half millimeter mini plug, a full size one fourth of an inch adapter, an airline adapter, and a carrying case.

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5 Responses to “Audio-Technica ATHANC7 Noise-cancelling Headphones”

  1. J. W. Hain says:

    I don’t think I have a lot of incremental/new info to add to the other 1,100 reviews for this item. However, I think it is important to join the chorus of folks who are praising this great pair of headphones from Audiotechnica. In general, they offer wonderful sound quality, a nice and convenient travel case, great ANC technology and are just straight-up solid from top to bottom.

    They can get mildly uncomfortable over very long periods of use, but I’ve never had any issues with ear pressure (as I’ve heard reported with some of the comparable Bose models) and they adjust to fit any reasonably-sized head to a nice level of comfort. The real kicker is the price though. I highly doubt you’ll find such a comprehensive pair of ‘phones at a better value!

  2. miajojo says:

    I have tried many different headphones and these are by far the best. I spend alot of time on airplanes and these are very comfortable and effective.

  3. Clevor says:

    I was able to find the original, non-B version of these headphones on Ebay and bought them to compare to the Bose QC 2.0 which I own. I got the AT phones for half the price of Bose. The noise cancellation is indeed superior to the QC 2.0 model, anyway. I had a desk fan blowing air and the TV on and the AT eliminated virtually all sound from the fan and muffled voices on the TV a bit better than the Bose. It’s no wonder AT had to discontinue the original ATHANC7 model and come out with the ‘B’ version, as I believe they beat Bose at their own game (Bose sued them over patent infringement).

    Audio quality is very good for noise cancellation headphones and is on a par with the Bose, but without the bass heavy sound. I have heard the Bose QC headphone model before the 1.5 and after the 2.0 (the model that sits on the ears) and I did not like the heavy, muddy sound and overemphasis on bass. High and mid range is much nicer on the AT. Audio volume on the AT headphones is about a notch above my Bose 2.0s. In other words, if I switch to the Bose I need to turn up the volume on my CD player by one notch to achieve the equivalent level of sound. The ATs are a bit more sensitive to input or at least are set up with more gain at default settings.

    I have no issues with inadequate bass. If you use Panasonic portable CD players, they all have an X-Bass or H-Bass setting on the equalizer which I use as default and bass is more than adequate.

    The con with the ATs is that they do leak sound more than the Bose, so they are not the best choice in an office environment with other workers close by. But on an airplane, it’s not an issue.

    As for the construction of the headphones, they do look a bit classier than the Bose. The headphone band adjustment has more audible detents than the Bose 2.0 and is a bit more sturdier overall. I kinda hate the Bose since when people see you wearing them on a plane they roll their eyes and think you are a yuppy or some Ivy League lawyer, whereas the AT is more discreet since most people don’t know about them. The carrying case is a bit bigger than the Bose but still plenty of room in the handbag I use to carry my netbook and CD player on the plane.

    If you are seeking the best noise cancelling headphones out there for use on airplanes, look no further than the original non-B version of the ATHANC7s. If you are lucky, you might still find one new on Ebay, but they are getting rare.

  4. S. Hart says:

    Shopped around for a while, settled on the ATs. The sound was quite good, however the leakage is over the top… i can’t imagine sitting on a plane with these and not annoying people near by.

  5. Neale says:

    Had them for about 2 years. Work really good. I bit bulky – but so do most noise canceling headphones. The sound is great when the power is on (noise canceling on). They work without the power but at lower volume and the sound is not as full. I don’t like the bright blue “on” light – it’s annoying especially at night. Other than that – I think they are great – great as far as value for the money and sound quality and craftsmanship.

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