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Bose QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Canceling Headphones

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QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones allows you to experience the best in noise reduction technology. These headphones not only significantly reduce noise, but they also greatly improve the sound quality of what you want to hear. Bose designs their headphones to be foldable and lightweight so transportation is easy. This amazing noise cancelling technology will allow your listening experience to greatly improve, and if you put on a pair then you will notice the difference immediately.

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6 Responses to “Bose QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Canceling Headphones”

  1. M A Hanning-Lee says:

    This is a good set of headphones. I also bought my first pair on; the headphones and the experience worked well so I bought the replacement pair on I mainly use them for plane travel without the cord, because these days it is less common to find a music jack on a plane. Unfortunately, they only work with a battery. If the battery is flat or missing, or the noise-canceling circuit is switched off, the headphones do not work.

  2. Luke Ivers says:

    The sound quality is fabulous, however, the noise canceling technology in the headphones cause my ears to ache and also giving me a mild headache. I typically never get headaches, but after using these headphones over extended periods (hour plus) results in headaches and ear irratation, regardless of music genre or volume.

  3. Marilin Crespo says:

    i bought this headphones over a year ago for 300 dollars and a few days ago the right speaker died now i have to pay 89 dollars for a replacement i suggest people to buy another brand more durable and that the company loves its costumers more because this is legalized thievery. do not buy this

  4. music fan says:

    These sound great if there is not much noise around. They will block noise pretty well unless it is coming from just the right direction and then they seem to not work that well(especially with voices). I have had these about four years, my ear pieces are beginning to show a lot of wear and are starting to flake considerably like some other reviewers have also experienced. I have always taken good care of them storing them in their case and have not exposed them to heat leaving them in the car. I was disappointed from day one with the noise cancelling and am frustrated that they now seem to be falling apart. These were very expensive as all the Bose stuff is and I expect something like this to hold up better if it is properly taken care of. I consider Bose to be a luxury brand(that is how they present themselves) and do not believe their products alway deliver as promised.

    Also, the design of these make them really noticeable on your head if you are wearing them in public. The arch that goes over your head really sticks out before coming back in by your ears. I was self conscious wearing these on the bus to work for a long time. Weird design that they seemed to fix with later models.

  5. Elizabeth A. Fager says:

    after not too long, the strap at the top of the headphones broke. Its not a big deal and I dont notice it but I am praying to god that the part that connects the earpiece to the earcup doesn’t snap on me. I treat these like they are pieces of delicate crystal, not something I should have to do considering the price of these things. Sound is really good, and until they break on you, they are excellent headphones. Why cant you spend another 20 cents for a piece of plastic that is less breakable Bose, for a pair of $400 headphones? Oh that’s right cause of your corperate greed. I would not buy Bose again.

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