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Bose® QuietComfort® 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones

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Product Information:

The latest technological advancement Bose noise reduction technology. These new headphones are much lighter on the ear and they are smaller as well. They have added comfort without taking away from the same level of sound quality. There is no way known to completely eliminate all background noise but Bose partnered with QuietComfort to get as close as possible.

Home, Work, and Travel Usage

You can wear the QC®3 headset anytime you fly, and you will quickly notice a drastic decrease in engine noise the second you activate them. If you want quality audio, then just put them into the air plane’s entrainment system or portable music player.

You can also use these headphones at work of home if you want some undisturbed music or audio time. If you have a mobile communication kit, then you can pair this device with mobile phones and just about every other audio device.

Listen For Yourself

With the latest technological advancements in sound reduction technology, you are able to tune out a large margin of the background noise and really focus on what your are listening to. With these Bose headphones you may even be able to pick up parts of songs that you normally can’t hear of never picked up on. As an added bonus, these headphones have enough cushion to comfort your ear, so you can listen to anything for hours with no problem.

What’s Included

- The QC®3 headphones

-A five inch detachable audio cable

-An adapter (Dual-plug)

-A rechargeable battery (lithium-ion)

-The charge for the AC battery

-A small carrying case

-The user manual

Product Warranty:

  • 1 year warranty

Item Reviews

6 Responses to “Bose® QuietComfort® 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones”

  1. Gilad says:

    Let me summarize it in a very simple way: this product CHANGED MY LIFE. I fly many long-distance flights and used to really suffer by the whole flight issue; the noise, the discomfort, the long hours. The first time I used these headphones changed it all. I simply don’t feel the flight (beside my back…)and sometimes even enjoy it!

    The sound is PERFECT. The noise canceling is AMAZING.

    I used these headphones for hundreds of flight hours and already replaced (by myself) the ear pillows easily.

    I recommend this product from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Ng Ka Ki says:

    they work extremely well on canceling the engine noise, very very well! but they won’t cancel the noise from other sources like people talking.

  3. Hesham Talat Hegazy says:

    I got these direct from Bose store , Sound quality is magnificent very deep bass like a subwoofer ,the sound is some how balanced , but you can’t crank up the volume or the bass will be disturbed , I think there is some kind of circuit that is doing that to help prevent hearing damage , for example (Massive Attack ) tracks must be heard @ a Max of 80% volume from Iphone player and 70% from Ipod or the bass will be severely disturbed , This is my only concern because sometime I need some more Juice everything else is over great , The Noise canceling function is over superior , you see peoples lips moving but you can’t hear what the saying , Very comfy I can ware them for hours resulting in forgetting they are there and if you have the Phone cable accessory (Optional for Iphone or any phone with 3.5 mm jack) calls sounds exceptional in other words Over,Over , Over great , I recommend these headphones to all medium volume lover,but if you need to crank up the volume from an Iphone I recommend Westone 3 (Unbeatable earbuds )

  4. Richard Stone says:

    I travel a lot due to my family being all over the country and if it were not for the Bose Q3 travel would be a really boring. I also like how compact they are; perfect to reduce more bulk to haul around. The case is great! I have a iPod Nano that I use with them to listen to Podcasts on flights, and the Nano fits nicely right inside the Bose case. The pair is a perfect travel companion. Fragile but protect them, they are a real nice value!

  5. I. Black says:

    Well they are very nice, but you can’t lay down on your side to listen because if you do the headphones make a high pitch warning sound. I dun likes to lay down and listen to his am talk radio but not with these headphones. Also, they get kind of sweaty on the inside.

    Great on planes, but whatever.

    Not worth $359

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