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JVC HANC250 High-Grade Noise-Cancelling Headphones

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The JVC HA-NC250 which was just recently created, has an unique ability to combine amazing sound qualities with sound isolation and canceling technologies to give you a unique sound experience. HA-NC250’s have special circuitry which constantly monitor any noise cancellation processes. These headphones can eliminate around eight five percent of all background noise. This headset has two JVC improve which will help eliminate the background sound. The first of these improvements is extra insulation padding, which is used to block out sound and provide extra comfort. The second innovation is a special, JVC technique for connecting the memory cushion ear pads to the insulation. These special innovations have enabled the HA-NC250 to cancel sound even when the be used active noise cancellation system is switched off. This pair of headphones uses a forty millimeter neodymium driver, that is built into each earpiece. The HA-NC250 only weights about five ounces and it is one of the lightest headsets in its class. It can be folded flat, which will make it one of the slimmest headphones on the market. This headphone offer also includes a four foot detachable cord, an airline adapter, a caring case, and a one fourth inch adapter plug which is used for home video and audio components. The headphones require a one and half volt AAA battery for a fifty hour battery life.

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  1. The MAN from Happy Rock says:

    I had been using an earlier model of JVC noise cancelling headset for years. I was very happy with them. When I lost them earlier this year I did quite a bit of research and concluded that these were the best value for dollar.

    I was pleasantly surprised by how much better the noise reduction was over my previous pair. I also like the “firm” shell storage container. I do not have any experience with the Bose headsets although I have tested Koss in the past. I stand by my assessment that it is the best value for the price.

  2. BJL says:

    I am returning these headphones mainly due to an irregular buzzing, which sounds to me like a loose connection. They were my first experience with noise-cancelling headphones, so I can only compare them to regular (mid-high quality) headphones I own. The following are observations based on personal preference: I found these headphones to be mediocre in noise reduction. In my unscientific estimation, I’d say they cancel about 60% of ambient noise, rather than the advertised 85%. They seem to be effective only with lower frequencies. They were helpful on a recent flight, but not with the hum of the near-by highway (my primary reason for purchasing them), or the neighbor’s mower. I thought the sound quality was fair, but not great. I found the battery difficult to install and remove. For all these reasons I will be trying a different brand. They were, however, very comfortable, and I liked the short cord.

  3. Thomas Rathjen says:

    I travel on long international flights and have used NR headphones for a few years. I needed a new pair, and after some research decided to purchase the JVC headphones. I used them last week on a flight and was very pleased. The NR is outstanding and the sound quality is good. The headphones are very compact and I love the carrying case that comes with them.

    I am very pleased with these headphones and recommend them. And the price is great — they are an outstanding value.

  4. Blue Screen says:

    I purchased these based upon the reviews I read, and I was quite pleased. I was primarily interested in headphones that would reduce the noise of my lawn equipment to protect my ears from noise damage. I have a big yard to mow, and so I’m out there for almost an hour at a time next to a fairly loud motor. I was concerned because I was hearing ringing in my ears for a good while after finishing. I tried other (cheaper) noise-canceling headphones, and they helped cut the noise down a little, but really barely just enough to notice. But these REALLY bring the level down… there’s no doubting when you have the switch turned on. Mind you, the higher-frequency (treble) sounds are not reduced nearly as much as the mid-range, but fortunately, as with a lot of machinery (my mower included), that’s the range where most of the power is anyway. From where I sit, it changes the sound of the mower from being “in your face” to what it would sound like if you were hearing someone outside mowing the lawn while you were sitting inside the house, say, not far from a window. That’s much more tolerable, to me at least. And for what it’s worth, my ears no longer ring after mowing.

    For my application, the ability to play music is icing on the cake. But it’s nice icing, since listening to tunes makes the mowing job that much more pleasant. I was amazed at the bass response of these things… I’m pretty sure I was hearing some bass notes that I hadn’t heard before. If I’m careful about the volume, I can hear the music pretty clearly over the background noise, and with no ear problems afterward (for me at least).

    I like the construction, very solid feeling. The earcups are not completely over-the-ear (not actually circumaural), which I wish they were. That said, they are still very comfortable on my head. They seal on my ears surprising well, considering that they don’t press my ears very hard, even when I’m wearing glasses. (When I push my glasses up on my nose, it breaks the seal for just a moment, and you can really tell how much noise these things are cutting out!)

    The case is also very nice. Hard material, with a zipper. The phones fold neatly into the case. It also has a pouch for the cables and adapters. I’m actually looking forward to my next plane trip so I can whip these babies out and quietly enjoy some tunes.

  5. MandolinDan says:

    These headphones had decent sound and noise-cancelling capabilities (although not as good as my previous set of AT noise-cancelling headphones). However, one of the ear piece sliders broke after less than 7 months of very periodic use under mundane conditions — I now have to keep it taped together. Disappointing results for the price paid.

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