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Phiaton PS 300 NC Premium Noise Cancelling Headphones With Studio Grade 40mm Titanium Drivers and Fold-N-Go Design

WAS $299 NOW $274

Product Information:

Phiaton has developed that PS 300 NC headphones have been professionally designed and they meet all manufacturing standards. These headphones have the latest in noise canceling technology built into them, and it allows the headphones to minimize some of the distortion and allow the authentic production value to come through. PS300 NC  headphones will reduce ninety percent of all background noise, and this is important because most other noise cancellation headphones only get rid of eight five percent. This headphone unit can be folded up for easy transportation and it has a very comfortable over the ear fit.  If you are on a trip then the  lithium- polymer rechargeable battery will give you up to twenty hours of run time and the four adaptors will give you the ability to recharge the batteries anywhere. The 3.5mm plug and 6.3mm adaptor will make these earphone ideal for any home or on the go theater system.

Product Stats:

  • Studio Grade 40 mm Electrodynamic Drivers
  • The impedance  is 32 Ohm
  • The sensitivity is 98 dB
  • The max input power is 1000 mW
  • The weight is approximately 5 oz/140g not including the cord

Includes Accessories:

  • 1 extra rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
  • A 6.3 mm stereo gold-plated plug adapter
  • A Dual-plug adapter for airplane trips
  • Adapter clips
  • A Cradle charger with the USB cable
  • An Audio cable
  • An AC/DC adapter
  • The Carrying case
  • 1-year warranty.

Item Reviews

4 Responses to “Phiaton PS 300 NC Premium Noise Cancelling Headphones With Studio Grade 40mm Titanium Drivers and Fold-N-Go Design”

  1. Arrow says:

    I travel internationally too much, with about one trip to Africa per month. Good headphones are a must for travel comfort on long flights. My last set (Sony) literally fell apart on my last trip. The headband didn’t break so much as just separate into two pieces. NC ear-buds somehow just hurt after a few hours. This Phiaton model has several things going for it:

    1. Folds nicely into a robust, but compact case. Other headphones I have used have had either a bag (which offers no protection) or a big solid case (too big to fit into the seat-back pocket on a plane). This case is just the right mix of protection and compactness.

    2. At 52, my hearing may already be shot, but to me the sound quality is great. Ditto on the noise canceling.

    3. Robust construction, but light weight.

    4. The headband does not squeeze too tightly, even for someone like me who wears glasses.

    5. The mute button is a nice feature for when the flight attendant asks you how you like your coffee.

    6. The headphones are certainly not cheap, but less expensive than other higher-end models.

    7. Being able to recharge the battery via a USB on my computer means one less charger to carry.

    The downside: None so far.

    So, after snooping for hours before this purchase, I am happy with these headphones…

  2. LWH says:

    The PS-300 earphones are the best kept secret. My husband has Bose. We make comparisons all the time. He has to recharge batteries all the time otherwise his earphones do not work. I do not. My earphones are always ready. What a blessing. The sound on the PS-300 is superior. Don’t let anyone tell you different. They just want to make themselves feel better for spending the extra few hundred dollars.

  3. Jay says:

    I don’t write many reviews, but have had a great experience with the Phiaton PS300 noise-cancelling headphones that I wanted to share with you.

    First, I live in New York City and commute by subway every day. I also travel by plane a bit (I have family spread out up and down the East Coast). I was looking for a solid pair of noise-cancelling headphones and not looking to overpay for a name. After doing weeks of research, I decided on the Phiaton PS300s. There have been a ton of great reviews from top Audio publications (do a web search on the PS300 and you’ll see), which is what sold me on these.

    Now for some specifics….

    They do a great job of blocking out the rumble of the subway train and also block out the music of those next to you listening to their music too loud. I also love the fact that they include an extra battery. I always keep the extra charged and in my bag, ready to use. Another great feature of these headphones is that you can use them even if the battery is dead. Most noise-cancelling headphones CANNOT be used if the battery is dead (like the Bose). It’s very rare that I’ve had the battery die on my and not had the spare (I forgot it one or twice charging on my desk at work) and I love the fact that I can still use them to listen to music or watch a video on my iPod.

    The headphones also fold up when not in use and come with a carrying case to store them in. This is great for when I’m going out after work, I just fold them up, pop them in the case and drop them in my bag.

    Sound quality is great with them, especially with classic rock and hip-hop (I tend to listen to a wide variety of music). They are also extremely light-weight and feel great after being worn for an extended period of time.

    I am extremely happy with my purchase of the Phiaton PS300 Noise-Cancelling Headphones.

  4. David Rowell says:

    These headphones look remarkably like the Bose Quiet Comfort 3 – the earpieces and the removable battery in particular are close to identical.

    But performance-wise it is clear that they have completely different internal electronics.

    First, the good news. Unlike the QC3, the PS300 will work even if the battery dies.

    The PS300 is definitely much better value – they include two rechargeable batteries (a second QC3 battery will cost you an extra $50), they include a worldwide charger (this will add yet another $50 to the QC3 price) and they also include a USB charger (not offered at all with the QC3).

    The PS300 also has a hinge where the earcup is attached to the headband, allowing them to fold into a much more compact space than the QC3, making it easier to travel with them.

    Now for the not so good news. The main reason for buying noise cancelling headphones is, ummm, to cancel noise. The PS300 does a reasonably good job at this, but the QC3 (and the other Bose headphones and also the Sony MDR-NC500D) are much better at noise cancelling. The difference in noise reduction is immediately obvious.

    Sound-wise, the PS300 also disappoints. Bass is muddy, mid-range is too prominent, and high notes, while very clear, can sometimes be strident.

    So, what’s the bottom line? Dollar wise, these are excellent value headphones, and when compared against the true full cost of a set of QC3s with optional accessories added, you’re saving a lot of money with the PS300. But you’re losing some noise cancelling and some sound quality.

    So if you’re seeking a high end ‘best of breed’ solution, these are not a good choice. But if you’re seeking something better than the many sub-$100 headphones, while not wishing to spend as much as top of the line other products, maybe these are a good mid-range compromise.

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