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Sennheiser PXC 350 Active Noise Cancellation Headphone (Black)

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Product Information:

This model of headphones is perfect for the constant traveler who is looking for a way to escape the sounds of their environment. These headphones can Block around eight five percent of all background noise and they can greatly enhance the quality of your music.  They are light, durable, comfortable, and easily portable so they are perfect for any traveler.

Product Warranty:

  • 2 years warranty

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5 Responses to “Sennheiser PXC 350 Active Noise Cancellation Headphone (Black)”

  1. Randall K. Roberts says:

    These headphones I saw on a podcast as great sounding headphones for mp3 players. I listened to the phones and I agree they do sound good and are worth the money.

  2. E. Agarwal says:

    Just to provide some context, so that you can decide if my opinion is valuable to you:

    1. I’ve owned three sets of sub-$500 noise canceling headphones, most recently the Bose QC3s.

    2. None of them were over the ear headphones, because I used to think they were uncomfortable.

    3. This is my first pair of Sennheisers.

    First, it seems to me like people who call themselves audiophiles love hating Bose. Honestly, I don’t think Bose deserves all the criticism it gets. My QC3s were an incredible pair of headphones. Bose screwed up on the customer service side. So that’s why I’m switching sides.

    Ok, with all that said, here’s what I think: I love them.

    I’m young, 25 years old. I like listening to my music LOUDLY. I’m one of those people who listens to all types of music, from Tupac to Pearl Jam to AR Rahman to Chopin to, I’ll admit it, Justin Timberlake.

    Wow, I’m a little surprised that I’m getting a misspelling red squiggly line under “Tupac”, “Rahman”, and “Timberlake” I thought those guys were all big enough to be added to the official word dictionary of life. But I digress.

    One way that I judge headphones is if I can hear a part of a song that I’ve never heard before. For example, for bass, one of my favorite testing songs is Dangerous by Busta Rhymes. It has some of the deepest bass of any song out there.

    Hearing some of my favorite songs through these headphones was like hearing them for the first time. That means that in my book, these headphones rock.

    Pun absolutely intended.

    A few more things:

    1. As someone else mentioned here, it’s true that it takes some time for these headphones to “open up.” The very first time I heard them, I was a little disappointed. I’ve now had them for a few weeks, and man have they opened up.

    2. Consider purchasing a headphone amplifier. Recently, I bought the Fios E5 for $20 from Amazon. It makes a solid difference, especially with the thing I like most (finding highs/lows/words you’ve never heard before in songs you’ve been listening to for years.)

    3. These cans are HUGE. I mean HUGE. Just keep that in mind.

    4. I travel a lot, so when considering other Sennheisers, I had to opt for a pair of noise canceling ones. They have some “open-air” ones, which are actually supposed to sound better. But if you travel a lot like I do, or listen to them at work, you need noise-canceling ones.

    5. If you’re buying your first pair of premium headphones and are debating between these and Bose headphones, go with these. The QC2s, the QC3s, and the QC15s are solid headphones, but Bose’s post warranty customer service is horrible. I promise you’ll be frustrated when it ends. And more importantly, the sound quality of these is fan-damn-tastic.

    6 Meanwhile, if you already have good Bose headphones and want to buy these simply because you think they’ll be far superior, don’t.


  3. velcrosuperstar says:

    i’ve been loyal to and have always loved sennheisers, but this model has really irritating ‘qualities’ and you should avoid purchasing them unless you want to be frustrated every moment you touch them. Here are just a few of their poopy qualities – if they accidentally get unplugged from the computer jack (which happens frequently because the wire from the earphones to the jack is SUPER SHORT and not the ‘coily’/extendable kind.. the sound doesn’t just turn ‘back on’ when you back into the jack. you have to wait 1 or mins for the sound to work again and fiddle with computer settings to make them pick sound back up. especially with video+sound situations. this is SUPER IRRITATING. another BAD thing about these is that they BURN through AAA batteries (replacement required every 3 days if you listen for 5 hours a day) and the placement of the button to turn the noise cancellatin on, on the earphone itself, is in a totally non-intuitive place/i can never find it, even though i’ve switched it 50 times. i am not a dumb lady either, something about the design of these is bad from an ergonomical standpoint. i totally regret buying these. if you’r about to buy something – get another pair of sennheisers – these BLOW.

  4. Adrian Mitchell says:

    I never purchase anything from Amazon without first reviewing what other customers have to say. Most rated these phones as very good and I agree.

    I’m hard of hearing (mostly loss in the high mid-tone and above range. I use headphones not for listening to music, but for following dialog in movies and television. Because my hearing range is limited, I don’t judge headphones by the fidelity of the response, but mainly comfort and noise cancellation. In the ear and over the ear phones are a no-go for me. I have to have full ear coverage and this means that the padding must be cool and comfortable for extended periods. The Sennheiser PXC 350 are excellent at noise cancellation and adequate at comfort. One small complaint I have is that inside each ear cup there is an outdent where the actual speaker is located. These outdents occasionally rest on my ear and cause irritation after long periods of use. I’m afraid that as time passes, the cushions on the ear pieces will become compressed aggravating the discomfort.

    On a different by related subject: most of the problems I’ve had with headphones have been with ear cups. Some wore out, some were eaten by my dog, some have had the interior liner deflated. Why in the world isn’t there an option for an extra set of ear cups? All I’ve seen have been sewn on and are not replaceable. After a few years, every cushion is bound to wear down and it would be great if they could be replaced at a reasonable price.

    If you looking for excellent reproduction and noise cancellation and have no need to use headphones for hours on end. I would highly recommend this brand.

  5. Adrian says:

    I thoroughly enjoy these headphones. I took the time to burn it in (about 50 hours) then used it both in passive and active noise reduction. The sound is clear and the headphones fit comfortably. I highly recommend it.

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